We have the utmost respect for our alumni who have built team (c)ypher from the scratch. We still value their opinions and take advice from them every now and then. There are many others who have helped (c)ypher grow into one of the most reputed computer clubs in M.P. and we wish to give our repect to them as well.

Jatin Jain

Jatin Jain or JJ, as he is often called by, was and is the Mass Media Manager for (c)ypher. He entered the team 3 years ago when he helped organize cync v4.0 and cync v5.0. Since then he's been helping (c)ypher in management and is often called upon for advice regarding the management of events and his networking power. He also wrote the stage scripts for the previous 2 versions of (c)ync. He is currently studying Computer Science at Purdue University in the United States.

Tejas Dwivedi

Tejas Dwivedi was the Head Coder for (c)ypher. He entered the team 2 years ago when he helped organize cync v5.0. Since then he's been helping (c)ypher in management of Laun(c)h and was also the judge for Laun(c)h in the (c)ync v5.0. He is also a National Level Basketball player.

Sparsh Berry

Sparsh is the ex-president of (c)ypher and started out as the music producer of team (c)ypher. He is calm, composed and loves to listen to rap music. He instilled confidence in his team mates and was an inspiring leader. He was very hard working and at times, when needed, very lazy and chill.

Ashutosh Pratap Singh

Ashutosh was one of the first members of the club. He started his journey with (c)ypher as a photographer. Upon being approached by the founding president of the club, he decided to take up designing and went on to design the first edition of (c)yntax. He was later promoted to be the vice president of (c)ypher in 2014-15 session and was a part of the organising committee of (c)ync 1.0. Ashutosh is currently working as a graphic designer and visualizer in an advertising agency.

Armaan Rizvi

"Give them the vision, for which they escape into. That is what they come to you for, Escapism. In the venture to Escape this world into your magnificently crafted fantasies." This was the vision that our Cinematic Director for the, Armaan Sami Rizvi kept in every (c)ypherites heart. Recruited in the session for 14-15, as a VFX Editor, Armaan was a beloved addition to the (c)ypher family throughout his stay.

Nisarg Kohle

Nisarg co-founded (c)ypher and was President from 2014 to 2015. He directed the first issue of (c)yntax which was the first magazine completely designed and authored by students. In 2015, he lead the first instance of (c)ync, which then was the first ever tech symposium in Bhopal. In 2012, Nisarg started working heavily on Decypher - an online cryptic hunt which is part of (c)ync, which ended up being a catalyst to formation of (c)ypher itself. Currently he's working as Software Engineer Intern at Facebook while studying B.S. in Computer Science at Purdue University.


(c)ync will be held on July 27th. All offline events will be conducted at the venue from 9:00 AM to 12 noon.

For any further queries, please contact Mr. Anurag Sehgal: +91 7869119509.