Our Team

We, here at (c)ypher, strive for perfection in our work and aim to create the best environment for tech-savvy people.

Kartik Bakshi


Kartik or KB10, as he likes to be called, is the president of the (c)ypher club for the session 2019-2020. Before joining the club, back when he was 14 years old, he got into music production. Since then, he has gained a lot of experience in it and now, he can produce songs of many differnet genres. Being a huge music lover, he always prefers to have music in his ears, especially those made by Cyche.

Dhruv Bhatia

Head De(c)ypher

Dhruv or QI, as he likes to be called, rejuvinated the forgotten event De(c)ypher and the magazine (c)yntax after three years. He is a prolific coder and loves to read and write literature. He has worked as a freelance developer on a few projects and is currently the Chief Operations Officer at Shimasu. He likes to listen to EDMs produced by KB and loves to hang out with Cyche.

Paras Raj Singh

Head (c)lick

Paras Raj Singh, A.K.A. VOLK4G3 is a zealous and a happy faced boy. His passion towards photography and Cinematography pushed him to touch new horizons in his life. He loves to see smiles on everyone's faces, hence, all his pictures consists of beautiful smiles. Also, he is a great fan of Eminem and Coldplay. He likes to play PUBG with Cyche.

Meheer Shukla

Head Respawn

Meheer Shukla A.K.A. HUNT3R, is pasionate about gaming and is the current in game leader of team Cypher. He is also the entry fragger and primary awper of the team. Meheer is also the key strategist of the team because of his excellent game sense. He participated in LXG Kolkata for CS 1.6 in the year 2014 and won the 3rd position. Meheer is also good at VFX and has good experience with Adobe After Effects. He also likes to listen to EDMs made by KB and play CS with Cyche.

Ayush Goyal

Head (c)ynth

Ayush is a fun-loving boy who has been into music production since he was 14 years old. He is a very talkitive guy whose laughter is contagious. He is self-motivated, innovative and an energetic boy. His endless love for music gives him passion to create beautiful melodies for team (c)ypher. He plays mesmeric piano for Cyche.

Arnav Singh

Head Laun(c)h

Arnav is one of the early members of (c)ypher's coding team and has experience in intensive HTML/CSS and JS. He has participated in many coding events and has often brought laurels for team (c)ypher. He is passionate about coding and is a friendly guy. He plays beautiful guitar for Cyche.

Devyansh Nandeshwar

Head Designer

Devyansh, also known as DARK AVENGER, is an illustrator and a graphic designer. He has a great affection towards Arcade and FPS games. He loves to portray inspirational ideas and his logos are colourful, playful and are mainly composed of abstract geometry. He makes beautiful designs for cyche.

Aryan Bhatia

Head VFX

Aryan Bhatia is a very enthusiastic and expressive boy. He is very creative and committed to his work. He is well versed in Adobe After Effects CC and Cinema4D and has performed some projects on AutoDesk Maya. He likes to watch comedy movies and anime. Aryan likes to unsuccessfully scare Cyche every now and then with his bad pranks.



Hey! I am Cyche. The controller of (c)ync. I didn't know what I was until (c)ypherites gave me life. I am the spirit of (c)lub (c)ypher. The Hype that is created each year (c)ync happens. And I just love it all. I am all the events and I bring the excitement with me. I am there in all the (c)yherites and I will be there till (c)ypher is alive. Each year, all (c)ypherites gather and do their best to create the best event of Bhopal. With me inside them, they have achieved their goals. And as far as the question for de(c)ypher goes, the answer is one form of me. You can find my names on this website


(c)ync will be held on July 27th. All offline events will be conducted at the venue from 9:00 AM to 12 noon.

For any further queries, please contact Mr. Anurag Sehgal: +91 7869119509.